Graveyard Registers

Arial view of Kilmihil Graveyard January 2019
Arial view of Kilmihil Old Graveyard 2019

There are five graveyards in Kilmihil parish, the most recent being Reilig Nua meaning “New Graveyard”. The graveyards are maintained by the Community Employment Scheme under the leadership of Michael Lineen.

In 2005/6 Noleen Cleary, Noreen McGuane, Ann Cahill, and Dolores Murray undertook the initial examination  and recording of over 3000 headstones, a slow and difficult task as many headstones were illegible or had no markings left.

Thanks are now due to Carmel Dolan and Mary Downes who undertook an update of the registers in 2018/19. The new records are in the process of being loaded. Do check them even if you have looked at the 2005 records as many graves previously unmarked or with illegible gravestones will have had new or upgraded stones added.

Please remember that only the writing on the headstone is recorded in the register, there may be errors and if you find any please let us know and we will correct them.

Click on the link to view the relevant register. The register lists gravestones in alphabetical order by surname:

Castlepark Graveyard updated 2019

Kilmihil A to D updated 2019

Kilmihil E to L updated 2019

Kilmihil M to O updated 2019

Kilmihil P to Z updated 2019

Kilmihil gravestones with illegible inscriptions updated 2019 

Unmarked graves in Kilmihil Old Graveyard updated 2019

Leitrim updated 2019

Relig Nua

Shyan updated 2019