Kilmihil Graveyard M-O

This is a list of 819 tombstones recorded in Kilmihil Old Graveyard in 2018 covering surnames starting M-O.

SurnameNameNeeFromErected byDiedAgeNumberSection
MaloneDaniel Shyan 11 February 19651541D
MaloneBridget Cahermurphy 26 April 197385yrs1541D
MaloneThomas Cahermurphy 15 January 19871541D
MalonePatrick Cahermurphy 18 December 200659yrs1541D
MalonePegEganCahermurphy 26 May 201792yrs1541D
MaloneAnn Kilmihil 11 March 1941410
MaloneMichael Kilmihil 24 November 1942410
MaloneKevin Kilmihil 2 January 1989410
Mangan Anne Lack West 7 May 201683 Yrs1421C
ManganThos. Noel Kilmihil 9 February 194710mths501A
ManganMartin KilmihilKathleen15 August 1973501A
ManganKathleen(Kitty)MurphyKilmihil 14 February 2012501A
MarinanJames Kilmihil 15 July 190019
MarinanT. Clahanbeg   1110
MarrinanPaddy Lack East   1922607B
MarkhamPadraig   4 October 2013672B
McAuliffeMartin     1685B
McCarthyJohn   9 May 196841A
McCarthy  Ballydineen   444A
McCarthyStephen BoulougheraMgt17 January 191273yrs367A
McCarthyCharles GlenmoreHonor31 December 194461yrs37A
McCarthyMichael Glenmore 20 October 193667yrs561B
McCarthyThos Jos Kilmihil 26 September 194731yrs561B
McCarthyJane Kilmihil 17 November 1953561B
McCarthyJohn Kilmihil 3 November 198669yrs561B
McCarthyCatherine Kilmihil 7 March 195565yrs871B
McCarthyMichael Leitrim 29 December 19741011B
McCarthyDelia Leitrim 8 December 19871011B
McCarthyPatrick Knockmore 17 January 19481112B
McCarthyMary Knockmore 18 March 19801112B
McCarthyMichael KnockmoreHonor2 November 190038yrs1584B
McCarthyHonor Glenmore 24 August 19611584B
McCarthySonny Glenmore 24 May 19761584B
Mc Carthy  Glenmore   88
McCormickNorah GlanmoreMichael July 1904694A
McCormickBridget Knockalough  June 1908694A
McCormickMary Knockalough 4 December 191678yrs694A
McDermottThomas Knockalough 30 April 187322yrs1024A
McDermottElizaClancyLisenairFrancis30 October 188062yrs1024A
McDermottPatrick Lisenair 23 January 19851024A
McDermottPatrick LisenairAnn.nGriffin1 March 188183yrs1234B
McDermottMichael  Cornelious13 February 182460yrs178
McDermottEliza   13 February 182452yrs178
McDermottHonor   13 February 182416yrs178
McDermottMichael   13 February 182412yrs178
McDermottFrancis   28 February 183096yrs148
McDermottDella Cloncullen 9 November 1969148
McDermottMaryDugganCloncullen 8 February 182170yrs148
McDermottAndrew Kilmacduan 6 July 184582yrs168
McDermottBridgetClancyKilmacduan   168
Mc DermottMary (Mai)HassettKilmacduan 1 December 2015891B
McDonnellAndrew   8 August 190973yrs105A
McDonnellJohn Cahircanivan 10 April 1951105A
McDonnellAnnieClancyCahircanivan 30 November 1965105A
McDonnellMichael Lack West 21 July 192258yrs682B
McDonnellAnneClancyLack West 18 March 195882Yrs682B
McDonnellPJ Lack West 5 November 194736Yrs682B
McDonnellMichael Lack West 9 November 199886 yrs682B
McDonnellBridget(Delia) Lack West 16 March 200797 Yrs682B
McDonnellSinon Lack Mary28 April 186270yrs1445B
McDonnellAndrew Lack 4 September 187578yrs1435B
McDonnellJohn Lismorris 4 April 18871435B
McDonnellJames Carabane 2 June 188884yrs1435B
McDonnellMargaret Castlepark 3 February 193084yrs1545B
McDonnellSinon Castlepark   1545B
McDonnellTeresa Castlepark   1545B
McDonnellDelia Castlepark   1545B
McDonnellJames Castlepark   1545B
McDonnellPatk Castlepark   1545B
McDonnellMgt Castlepark   1545B
McDonnellNano Castlepark   1545B
McDonnellMinnie Castlepark   1545B
McDonnellJohn Castlepark   1545B
McDonnellMary BallydineenJames22 May 190621yrs69
McDonnellPatk(Sonnie) Ballydineen 6 May 196474yrs69
McDonnellNora Ballydineen 14 December 197389yrs69
Patrick kilmihil 4 December 19501492C
McGrathNora Kilmihil 1 November 19801492C
Mc GuaneMichael   27 December 1998832B
McGuaneThomas Glenmore 8 April 1954141A
McGuaneTheresa Glenmore 5 August 1981141A
McGuaneJohn Greygrove 25 March 188755yrs303A
McGuaneJohn GreygroveBridget18 April 191485yrs537A
McGuaneBridgetCrowe    537A
McGuaneBridget   23 July 190627yrs547A
McGuaneMr.  John  547A
McGuaneMrs.     547A
McGuaneThomas     547A
McGuaneThomas Glenmore 9 March 1949631B
McGuanePat CreeJames30 March 1162B
McGuaneNora Cree 23 October 1943513B
McGuaneJoseph   3 November 1957513B
McGuaneCatherine   21 December 19461454B
McGuaneJohn Glenmore 22 February 19471454B
McGuaneJohn Thos Glenmore 18 January 19761394B
McGuaneLena Glenmore 15 March 19861394B
McGuaneLena Glenmore 8 April 19871394B
McGuaneMartin Glenmore   1394B
McGuaneEliza Glenmore   1394B
McGuanePatrick M. Glenmore 7 April 191377yrs997B
McGuaneCatherine GlenmoreThomas6 August 191875yrs997B
McGuaneMichael Kilmihil 3 April 198612yrs953C
McGuaneMary Kilmihil 18 September 198776yrs953C
McGuaneThomas Kilmihil 25 January 198976yrs953C
McGuaneKevin Kilmihil 13 July 200668yrs953C
McGuaneMichael Kilmihil/Ennis 27 December 199859yrs1133C
McGuireMgt(Peggy)MurphyCree 12 April 19921342C
McInerneyMary(Ciss) Frure West 19 August 196897A
McInerhenyJohn Frure WestDennis14 February 175923yrs1325B
McInerhenyJames   2 March 175958yrs1325B
McInerhenyJohn   19 January 19191265B
McInerneyMary Lisnaligane 10 November 192551yrs1264B
McInerneyMartin LisnaliganeThos & Mgt13 December 194986yrs1264B
McInerneyJohn Lisnaligane  February 19091264B
McInerneyMichael Lack West   19391624B
McInerneyJohn Lack West 27 February 19751624B
McInerneyThos Lack West 14 March 19771624B
McInerneyHonor Lack West   19331624B
McInerneyMary Lack West 24 September 19811624B
McInerneyLena Lack West 17 February 19851624B
McInerneyMatthew MoyliskaJohn1 August 183864yrs1065B
McInerhenyBridgetFitzgeraldCree   1395B
McInerneyThomas Cree 26 December 185866yrs1395B
McInerneyThomas Kilmihil 28 May 194541yrs1585B
McInerhenyJohn Kilmihil 19 January 19191385B
McInerneyBridget Cranny 15 August 19551385B
McInerneyMartin Cranny 25 October 19681385B
McInerneyJohn Cranny 12 May 1986903C
Mary Kilmihil 24 June 196550yrs1551D
McInerneyPatk(Packie) Kilmihil 15 April 197573yrs1551D
McInerneyMatthew Kilmihil 23 March 178818yrs86
McInerneyRod    November 181023yrs86
McMahonMaryO’Shea Thomas30 March 185230yrs154A
McMahonJoseph Ballygeary 15 January 190021yrs194A
McMahonJames   25 August 191044yrs194A
McMahonWilliam   9 March 191635yrs194A
McMahonMichael Bouloughera 2 June 1957664A
McMahonMaryReidyBouloughera 11 December 1962664A
McMahonFrancis Stp Mullagh 17 May 193243yrs894A
McMahonAnne Mullagh 16 May 195793yrs894A
McMahonMy.A.(Moll) Mullagh 24 March 198997yrs894A
McMahon  Greygrove  December 1962Infant boy24A
McMahonBryan Greygrove 20 February 194979yrs24A
McMahonMargaret Greygrove 2 January 195577yrs24A
McMahon  Greygrove  August 1964Infant Girl24A
McMahon  Greygrove  September 1965Infant Girl24A
McMahon  Greygrove  November 1971Infant Girl24A
McMahonBridget Greygrove  April 1977Infant Girl24A
McMahonPatrick(Paddy) Greygrove 25 October 200285yrs24A
McMahonNora(Tess)Mc GuaneGreygrove 2 January 201278yrs24A
McMahonPatrick Shyan 15 April 182255yrs165A
McMahonMaryO’Dea  4 December 1887655A
McMahonThomas Kiltumper 22 August 1924655A
McMahonBridget Kiltumper 13 October 194787yrs655A
McMahonAnnie Kiltumper 14 May 1950125A
McMahonIta Lack East 30 November 1978125A
McMahonP.J. Lack East 4 February 2003125A
McMahonPatrick Bouloughera 29 June 1917387A
McMahonMargaret BoulougheraPatk11 February 191946yrs387A
McMahonMichael BoulougheraSm&Patk12 May 1932317A
McMahonJane Bouloughera 22 December 1944317A
McMahon  Bouloughera 8 April 195374yrs591B
McMahonCatherine Ballydineen 14 April 1962591B
McMahonMrs.Meaney Thos16 January 187744yrs472B
McMahonElizabeth Lack East 5 January 192756yrs922B
McMahonSusan GreygroveJames10 October 195778yrs832B
McMahonAidan Clonwhite 10 July 199854yrs1614B
McMahonMary ClonwhiteAlbert12 July 19451555B
McMahonDelia   25 September 1914907B
McMahonJohn Glenmore 14 February 1940907B
McMahonInfants Glenmore   907B
McMahonMicko Glenmore 13 June 199692Yrs907B
McMahonBridget(Bebe) Glenmore 21 April 199674Yrs907B
McMahonKate Cragg 12 September 19351007B
McMahonPatrick Cragg 21 April 19461007B
McMahonDaniel Glenmore 1 February 199574yrs897B
McMahonMaryMurphyGlenmore 15 May 201584yrs897B
McMahonThos Glenmore 23 August 196375yrs1321C
McMahonThomas Lacken 7 January 198056yrs1321C
McMahonMary Lacken 23 September 198286yrs1321C
McMahonPatrick(Poppy) Lacken 3 May 201690yrs1321C
McMahonMaryKennyLacken 21 January 201891yrs1321C
McMahonJohn ShyanP.J.17 February 19861081C
McMahonCatherineClearyShyan 12 March 19641081C
McMahonPJ Shyan 13 October 20111081C
McMahonJohn Ahea 16 April 19801141C
McMahonMgt Ahea 16 March 19831141C
McMahonMichael Ahea 26 May 20031141C
McMahonThos Ahea 7 January 198056yrs1321C
McMahonWilliam Lisenair 6 June 197673yrs1461C
McMahonMary KateTroyLisenair 5 March 200493yrs1461C
Mc MahonBrian Cahermurphy   236
Mc MahonAnne Cahermurphy   236
McMahonJames GreygroveMary13 January 190659yrs108
McMahonChrisLernihanClonwhite 11 February 199884yrs79
McMahonCon Clonwhite 16 June 199987yrs79
McMahonNorahSullivanClonwhite 4 April 190330yrs310
McNamaraMgt (Gretta) Kilmihil 14 August 1976491A
McNamaraMichael Kilmihil 22 February 1976491A
McNamaraBridgetMurphyKilmihil 4 October 190240yrs103A
McNamaraJohn Knockalough 26 January 190746yrs103A
McNamaraMary Knockalough   1922103A
McNamaraElizabeth Knockalough   1924103A
McNamaraKatie Knockalough 20 may 1954103A
McNamaraJohn Knockalough 5 April 196575yrs103A
McNamaraNora Knockalough 14 December 196782yrs103A
McNamaraMrs.John Knockalough   1934103A
McNamaraMichael Knockalough 27 July 1990103A
McNamaraPatrick  Knockalough 7 December 200581yrs103A
McNamaraKatty Kilmihil 8 May 192848yrs353A
McNamaraMichael Kilmihil 13 September 193873yrs353A
McNamaraKitty Kilmihil 19 June 200691yrs353A
McNamaraMl.Jos Newtown 23 November 1992804A
McNamaraDym. BdgtConwayNewtown 28 April 1994804A
McNamaraJohn Kiltumper   904A
McNamaraPatrick Kiltumper   904A
McNamaraMary Kiltumper   904A
McNamaraCatherine Kiltumper   904A
McNamaraTom Kiltumper 27 June 2001105A
McNamaraEllenMescallcahircanivan & Birrinfada   315A
McNamaraCatherine CahircanivanJohn&Danl October 188752yrs227A
McNamaraMr&Mrs Kilmihil   842B
McNamaraMichael KilmihilJohn24 December 188472yrs573B
McNamaraJohn Kilmihil  April 1919573B
McNamaraCatherine Kilmihil  November 1919573B
McNamaraNora Kilmihil 25 November 19371584B
McNamaraJames   25 December 1937Infant1584B
McNamaraMichael   5 January 190430yrs937B
McNamaraMichael   20 February 191576yrs937B
McNamaraHonor   24 June 189114yrs937B
McNamaraLizzie  Sarah24 June 189116yrs937B
McNamaraCatherine   6 December 190166yrs637B
McNamaraCornelias   19 December 190170yrs637B
McNamaraLizzie   24 February 18895yrs637B
McNamaraSinon   23 November 19601231C
McNamaraMary(Molly) Castlepark 7 November 19901231C
McNamaraMarianO LearyCastlepark 12 October 19991231C
McNamaraPaddy(Paddy) Castlepark 1 May 20181231C
McNamaraJames Corgrigg 4 May 19741741D
McNamaraLucy Corgrigg 2 October 19781741D
McNamaraPatrick Castlepark 1 January 191770yrsA 1442C
McNamaraDaniel Castlepark 30 August 192540yrsA 1442C
McNamaraMary Castlepark 18 June 193990yrsA 1442C
McNamaraJohn Castlepark 26 November 196490yrsA 1452C
McNamaraDaniel Kilmihil 6 September 193485yrs1492C
McNamaraBridget Kilmihil 30 May 19401492C
McNamaraDeclan Kilmihil 13 July 199642yrs1113C
McNamaraJames Church St. 4 May 19741741D
McNamaraLucy Corgrigg 2 October 19781741D
McNamaraMichael KnockaloughDaniel23 March 187876yrs18
McNamaraMartin KilmihilMagaret  378
McNamaraWife of Martin Kilmihil   378
MeadePatrick Kilmihil 3 December 196158yrs951B
MeadeMichael   7 March 196792yrs951B
MeadeMichael CraggJohn&17 March 1925977B
MeadeAnne CraggThos&25 March 1926977B
MeadeJames CraggJames&13 February 196756yrs977B
MeadeMargaret Cragg 13 June 200192yrs977B
MeadeJos ClahaneunaMichael20 April 184270yrs26
MeadeRichard BlainmoreRev.John3 August 183452yrs36
MeaneyMichael BlainmoreElizabeth27 March 189978yrs235A
MeaneyAnn Marie   15 July 1962Baby235A
MeaneyMary   16 April 1983235A
MeaneyThomas   10 January 194585 Yrs235A
MeaneyDan   31 October 194984 yrs235A
MeaneyMary Ann   4 February 195784 Yrs235A
MeaneyDano   27 February 200468 Yrs235A
MeaneyAnneDoohan  11 June 198971yrs581B
MeaneyMartin Quilty&Frure 7 May 200484yrs581B
MeaneyMartin Quilty&Frure   581B
MeaneyChristopher Quilty&Frure   581B
MeaneyAdele Quilty&Frure   581B
MeaneyMark Quilty&Frure   581B
MeaneyBrian Mary Quilty&Frure 4 August 1942733B
MeaneyJohn Boloughera 6 April 1950733B
MeaneyMichael   29 March 196690yrs733B
MeaneyLeonie   23 December 197890yrs733B
MeaneyMary E     Baby733B
MeaneyMary V     Baby733B
MeaneyDeliaRyan  15 July 193050yrs1285B
MeaneyJohn Frure 29 June 19441285B
MeaneyBernadette Frure 9 December 19635yrs1285B
MeaneyMary Kate Frure 24 April 196745yrs1285B
MeaneyJohn Frure 1 January 200485yrs1285B
MeaneyPatrick Frure 14 March 200480yrs1285B
MeaneyBridget Frure   Infant1285B
MeaneyTeresa Frure   Daughter1285B
MeeBill Kilmihil 6 September 198465yrs553B
MeeIreneEnrightKilmihil 28 October 2011553B
MeehanMrs. LeitrimMary  905A
MeehanMr. Leitrim   905A
MeehanBrothers. Leitrim   905A
MelicanJohn LeitrimMgt29 July 194477yrs242A
MelicanBridget Kilmihil 28 January 194292A
MelicanMattie Kilmihil 16 April 197792A
MelicanDonal Kilmihil 14 January 200192A
MelicanMichael ShyanBridget18 September 190280yrs75A
MelicanBridget Shyan   193286yrs75A
MelicanMichael Shyan  September 193253yrs75A
MelicanMary Shyan  February 195783yrs75A
MelicanJohn Shyan 31 May 198472yrs75A
MelicanPatrick Lissycasey 12 July 192412yrs865A
MelicanMichael LissycaseyEllen27 October 193056yrs865A
MelicanJohn Lissycasey 30 September 19334yrs865A
MelicanEllen Lissycasey 10 August 196176yrs865A
MelicanMichael Lissycasey 3 September 196747yrs865A
MelicanPatricia Shyan 8 July 19577yrs821B
MelicanMichael Shyan 18 February 199076yrs821B
MelicanMary Ellen Shyan 28 August 1993821B
MelicanMary Shyan   1945523B
MelicanMichael Kiltumper 12 July 1962523B
MelicanBridget Kiltumper 19 October 1981523B
MelicanSean Kiltumper 5 December 1991523B
MelicanRalph Kiltumper 7 July 1999523B
MelicanWinifredO’GradyShyanPat30 May 190276yrs717B
MelicanMathias CahercanivanEllen21 August 185876yrs196
MelicanMartin  Bridget15 November 189386yrs29
MeltonBridgetHehir    2014601B
MescallJohannaCleary George10 January 186054yrs73A
MescallMartin     19204yrs73A
MescallSinon   20 May 194073A
MescallSean Cahircanivan 15 November 194473A
MescallBridget Cahircanivan 23 October 196173A
MescallMargaret(Peggy) Cahircanivan 18 February 201394yrs73A
MescallWenifredLynchCahircanivan  November 186075yrs315A
MescallDenis Cahircanivan   315A
MescallMary Shyan 6 April 1960811B
MescallMathias CahercanivanMichael13 July 183276yrs1134B
MescallPatrick Derrybrick 6 November 19481235B
MescallMary Derrybrick 7 April 19671235B
MescallMichael Derrybrick 20 December 19881235B
MescallJohn Derrybrick 6 November 19881235B
MescallThomas Derrybrick 7 January 199787yrs1235B
MelicanMartin Glenmore 7 June 196565yrs1641D
MelicanSusan Glenmore 6 July 198589yrs1641D
MelicanNancyBreenGlenmore 8 March 20121641D
MelicanMartin  Bridget15 November 189386yrs29
MescallNancy Cahircanivan 3 August 198161yrs1751D
MescallTom Cahircanivan 16 July 199682yrs1751D
MescalMary Crossmore 12 November 1955151A
MescalPatrick Crossmore 6 March 1982151A
MescallMathew Crossmore 6 May 1975151A
MoloneyJohn Crossmore 23 January 1991151A
MoloneyJoan Crossmore 24 July 1964151A
MoloneyJames(Babbins) Kilmihil 2 February 200376yrs431A
MoloneyDonal Lacken 6 November 2002791B
MoloneyPaulineKellyLacken 29 June 2008791B
MoloneyPauline Mary Lacken 1 September 1972Infant791B
MoloneyJoseph Carrowreagh 6 May 1955151A
MoloneyJohn Kilmihil 22 March 1963541A
MoloneyThomas Kilmihil 9 January 198971yrs541A
MoloneyNoraCusackKilmihil 16 January 196179yrs292A
MoloneySusan Frure North 29 January 1992177A
MoloneyPatk Jos Frure North 15 May 19367wks177A
MoloneyMichael Frure North 10 December 1977177A
MoloneyThomas Frure North 9 December 1938177A
MoloneyMichael Frure North  May 192577yrs207A
MoloneyMrs. Kilmihil  February 193784yrs207A
MoloneyMichael Kilmihil 19 April 197586yrs207A
MoloneyElizabeth Kilmihil 2 July 198091yrs207A
MoloneyBridget Lacken 6 August 19631481C
MoloneyJames Lacken 21 May 19671481C
MoloneyJoseph Lacken 10 March 198757yrs1153C
MoloneyMartin Clonakilla 11 January 199739yrs1153C
MonahanNora Kilmihil 15 October 1992604A
MonahanPatrick(Pake) Kilmihil 15 April 2009604A
MoranPatrick Knockalough 20 October 195565yrs981B
MoranPeter Knockalough   1958Infant981B
MoranTeresaMorrisseyKnockalough 8 January 196031yrs981B
MoranCatherine Knockalough 13 April 196173yrs981B
MoranPeter Knockalough 15 December 201384yrs981B
MoranMaryMc NamaraKnockalough 27 November 201584yrs981B
MoranJohn Castlepark 5 September 19951123C
MoranMarianCrowleyCastlepark 19 June 20141123C
MorganPatk Castlepark 6 April 19021462C
MorganBridget   30 November 19251462C
MorganPatrick   23 February 19361462C
MorganBridget   7 January 19701462C
MoroneyMary Frure 31 August 192368yrs193A
MoroneyPatk Greygrove   303A
MoroneyMary Greygrove   303A
MoroneyTeresa Greygrove   303A
MoroneyEddie Frure 16 August 1954641B
MoroneyBridget FrureJohn12 October 18371255B
MoroneyJohn Knockbrack   1265B
MoroneyDennis KnockbrackDennis11 March 178760yrs1265B
Moroney  KnockbrackMy.n.Meade  767B
MoroneyMaryEgan  15 November 195976yrs1351C
MoroneyThomas Cahermurphy 7 March 19611351C
MoroneyThomas Cahermurphy 26 may 19711351C
MoroneyP. J.  Greygrove 19 March 200177yrs1521C
MorrisseyThomas CastleparkMrs.Collins6 May 191597yrs185A
MorrisseyCatherine Castlepark 18 December 19821731D
MorrissyJacko Clonredden 3 June 19731731D
MoylanEta Sorrell Island 18 June 1990348
MungovanThomas Clonigulane 28 December 1942192A
MungovanPatrick Clonigulane 26 May 1943192A
MungovanWinifred Clonigulane 6 December 1959292A
MungovanSusan ClonigulaneMichael4 March 191674yrs293A
MungovanMichael Clonigulane 18 April 1965293A
MungovanAnnie Clonigulane 23 April 1968293A
MungovanMichael Clonigulane 22 May 1987293A
MungovanMary Clonigulane 4 May 200083yrs293A
MungovanThomas Clonigulane 18 September 186268yrs695A
MungovanPatrick   9 January 1916735A
MungovanCatherineDownesGlenmore  April 1927735A
MungovanThomas ClonigulaneMichael1 October 18421414B
MungovanJames  My.nGallahr1 February 184151yrs1334B
MungovanJohn  J.P.2 February 190376yrs1542C
MurphyPatrick Castlepark 9 October 195277yrs411A
MurphyMargaret Castlepark 1 December 197188yrs411A
MurphyJohn CastleparkMarcella29 January 194064yrs52A
MurphyMartin Kilmihil 16 November 194472yrs222A
MurphyMary Cahermurphy 24 December 1962222A
MurphyMichael Cahermurphy 25 November 1990222A
MurphyMr. GlenmorePat11 November 190665yrs624A
MurphyPatrick Glenmore 25 November 1931624A
MurphyMaryHehirGlenmore 14 January 1951624A
MurphyPat joe Glenmore 5 October 201195 yrs624A
MurphyNorah Glenmore 23 June 1969624A
MurphyCatherineConwayGlenmore 29 October 197447yrs84A
MurphyJoe Clonwhite 8 June 200184A
MurphyMary EllenMeadeCahermurphy 24 January 195681yrs784A
MurphyPatrick Cahermurphy   784A
MurphySarahCollinsCahermurphy   784A
MurphyPatrick Cahermurphy   784A
MurphyBridget Cahermurphy   784A
MurphyJoseph Cahermurphy   784A
MurphyJames Cahermurphy   784A
MurphyTimothy New York   784A
MurphySarah New York   784A
MurphyMary New York   784A
MurphyJohn In New York   784A
MurphyMichael In New York   784A
MurphyMartin In New York   784A
MurphyMargaretKeleherKiltumperFrancis12 December 183851yrs625A
MurphyMichael Cahermurphy 27 November 1890565A
MurphyJohn   28 February 195179yrs605A
MurphyPJ   3 January 196454yrs605A
MurphyTeresa   21 February 195222yrs605A
MurphyJohn Castlepark 21 November 192345A
MurphyMary CastleparkTimothy9 September 193145A
MurphyPatk CastleparkMary24 June 1969325A
MurphyJohn Greygrove   325A
MurphyEllen Greygrove   325A
MurphyMaryClearyGreygrove 18 May 2011325A
MurphyMaria GreygroveMichael  325A
MurphyJohn Greygrove   825A
MurphyCatherineBreenCahermurphy 21 June 1974507A
MurphyTimothy Cahermurphy 9 September 1975507A
MurphyMichael Cahermurphy   1999507A
MurphyPatrick Cahermurphy 29 October 1959831B
MurphyJames Cahermurphy 18 December 1968831B
MurphyCatherine Knocknahaun Martin 13 September 190557yrs762B
MurphyPatrick Knocknahaun MartinMartin15 February 194453yrs762B
MurphyBridget Knocknahaun Martin 24 December 198392yrs762B
MurphyMichael Cahircanivan 8 February 19291002B
MurphyMary Cahircanivan 22 June 19451002B
MurphyKitty Cahircanivan 6 September 19721002B
MurphyJoseph Cahircanivan 6 December 19731002B
MurphyTimothy Knocknahaun 28 November 20001192B
MurphyBrigidHickeyKnocknahaun 11 May 20011192B
MurphyMary   23 March 192853yrs403B
MurphyTimothy Lack East 4 December 1949403B
MurphyTimothy J Lack East 18 January 198979yrs403B
MurphyVeraMcGuaneLack East 28 February 199887yrs403B
MurphyJoseph Lack east 14 February 19691591D
MurphyPeter Sheaun 4 January 199934yrs1771D
MurphyMichael Sheaun 27 October 20071771D
MurphyEllenWhiteSheaun 4 December 20141771D
MurphyBridget Sheaun 14 August 20161771D
MurphyMichael Sheaun   18771342C
MurphyJoseph Knocknahaun 14 February 19691591D
MurphyFrancis Lack EPat&Tim.13 July 181360yrs58
MurrahyAndrew BoulinamealDanl&John15 November 186866yrs268
MurrahyMary Boulinameal 4 June 190686yrs268
MurrayMary TullagowerJos1 August 1958374A
MurrayMichael Tullagower   374A
MurrayMary Tullagower   374A
MurrayPatrick Tullagower   374A
MurrayEllen Knockalough 13 March 1958793B
MurrayStephen Knockalough 15 June 1974793B
MurrayTommie Knockalough 13 February 2006793B
MurrayBridgetCoughlan    1374B
MurrayJohn Greygrove 11 April 195177yrs1485B
MurrayMary   5 October 196884yrs1485B
MurrayFlan   4 January 19771485B
MurrayAdrian   5 March 199921yrs1143C
MurrayLeah Kilmihil 26 September 20131143C
Murray  Kilmihil   1510
MurrihyMichael Boolynameel  15 March19111274B
MurrihyMargaretCoughlanBoolynameel  24 March19201274B
MurrihyOther Members Boolynameel   1274B
MurrihyMichael   16 February 197274yrs1665B
MurrihyEllen Sorrell Island 6 September 197472yrs1665B
MurrihyTom Sorrell Island 16 January 198649yrs1665B
NashMichael ClahanmorePatrick17 July 180540yrs25A
NeenanMartin Clahanmore 24 May 191025yrs213A
NeenanMichael Knockbeg 12 February 192032yrs213A
NeenanPatk Knockbeg 30 March 192839yrs213A
NeenanColm Knockbeg 10 November 199369yrs213A
NeenanMartin Greygrove 2 January 184852yrs867B
Neylon  Lisnaligane   433B
NolanEllonO’BrienCloninaMl. Nolan5 February 185564yrs265A
NormileMaryKellyLack WestThos6 July 188354yrs765A
NormileEllen Lack West   765A
NormileMary Lack WestCatherine18 September 188760yrs1224B
NormileMr.     1224B
NormileMrs.     1224B
NormoylePatricia Lack West 14 October 1947352A
NormoylePatrick Lack west 5 June 1971352A
NormoyleKittyHonanLack west 7 August 1989352A
NormoyleMary(Minnie) Cahermurphy 10 February 194140yrs455A
NormoyleMichael Cahermurphy 17 October 198258yrs455A
NormoyleThomas(Tom) Cahermurphy 11 May 200783yrs455A
NormoyleBridget Kilbridget 5 January 19221115B
NormoyleMary Kilbridget 28 September 19221115B
NormoyleThomas Kilbgidget 9 August 19371115B
NormoylePatrick Lack West 24 April 199085yrs1115B
NormoyleBridget Lack West 8 December 199292yrs1115B
NormoyleFrank Lack West 15 March 197755yrs1511C
NormoyleAnn Cahermurphy 5 December 19921511C
NormoyleMichael KilmihilEllen4 November 190170yrs1312C
NormoyleMargaret Kilmihil 25 July 190430yrs1312C
NormoyleEllenMelicanKilmihil 2 November 190871yrs1312C
NormoyleMaryKellyLackThos6 July 188357yrs149
O’BraonSean Lack 18 April 1920523B
O’BrienMargaret Moyadda 10 May 1942132A
O’BrienDaniel Moyadda 26 September 1953132A
O’BrienCarmel Moyadda 4 June 1980132A
O’BrienNora Moyadda 7 July 199176yrs132A
O’BrienMartin Moyadda 9 May 199294yrs132A
O’BrienDan MoyaddaBdg.nFrawly  183260yrs254A
O’BrienMr.(Fr)  Margaret  124A
O’BrienMary  Margaret20 November 181972yrs124A
O’BrienBridget   11 November 182520yrs915A
O’BrienJames  Mgt.nKilleen15 October 191883yrs852B
O’BrienJames Corgrigg 7 May 195760yrs663B
O’BrienDaniel Corgrigg 28 December 1974663B
O’BrienAnnie Corgrigg 26 August 200092yrs663B
O’BrienMary KnockaloughPatrick17 July 189724yrs1794B
O’BrienMichael Moyadda 10 February 19661362C
O’BrienMago Moyadda 4 August 19871362C
O’BrienP.J. Moyadda 8 September 20021362C
O’BrienEllen Moyadda 13 February 20151362C
O’BrienJohn KilrushBridget5 August 191370yrs1402C
O’CallahanCatherine KilrushJohn18 February 190065yrs1183C
O’CallahanMichael Kilmihil 14 January 19781183C
O’CleirighCiaran Kilmihil 4 March 199362yrs1291C
O’ConnellMargaret Lacken 27 December 196621A
O’ConnellPatk Kilmihil 12 December 193758yrs23A
O ConnellMaryLoriganKilmihil 24 June 195478yrs23A
O ConnellPeter J Kilmihil 7 February 196856yrs23A
O ConnellThomas Kilmihil 5 October 197258yrs23A
O ConnellTeresa Kilmihil 21 November 199985yrs23A
O ConnellPeter Kinlea 30 November 190862yrs295A
O’ConnellPatrick Kinlea   295A
O’ConnellPatrick Kilmihil 27 February 194941yrs681B
O’ConnellMatthew Kinlea 27 October 196481yrs1121C
O’ConnellBridgetConnelanKinlea 25 March 196581yrs1121C
O’ConnellBridget Eva Kinlea 27 March 193314yrs1121C
O’ConnellRoseO DonnellKinlea 10 May 200689yrs1251C
O’ConnellJohn Kinlea 15 October 201498yrs1251C
O’ConnellMarieHowardKinleaPeter9 April 191474yrs286
O’ConnerPatrick   19 March 198883yrs551A
O’ConnorMargaret Knockmore 1 February 197570yrs551A
O’ConnerMargaret Knockmore 8 July 201786yrs551A
O’ConnorMaryMcNamaraKnockmore 21 June 1946302A
O’ConnorJohn Lacken 17 February 1959302A
O’ConnorJohn Lacken 19 June 1998302A
O’ConnorEttieMc CarthyLacken 4 October 2015302A
O’ConnorCyril Lacken 24 November 200141yrs354A
O’Connor  Lacken   96
O’ConnorMichael  Bridget23 October 190048yrs229
O’DeaMaryNolanKilmihil 30 March 1955131A
O’DeaThomas Glenmore 8 September 1962131A
O’DeaCyril Glenmore 5 April 1978131A
O’DeaMichael Glenmore 6 December 2004131A
O’DeaMary BoulnamealCathMc guane20 February 1941332A
O’DeaMargaretBreenBoulinameal Cath.McGuaneDaniel4 January 182361yrs655A
O’DeaMichael   31 July 182367yrs655A
O’DeaJohn   18 September 183421yrs655A
O’DeaPatrick Kilrush 11 July 1869655A
O’DeaMary Kilmacduane 1 January 1903345A
O’DeaJohn Kilmacduane 21 November 195083yrs345A
O’DeaJohn Lisbane 26 march 184680yrs327A
O’DeaDaniel  John5 June 189335yrs992B
O’DeaPat LisbawnMy.nBreen22 December 189295yrs902B
O’DeaMaria  Des. Melican24 August 1952902B
O’DeaSusan KnockmoreDes. Melican2 May 1972902B
O’DeaSinon Cragg 6 April 186167yrs1204B
O’DeaSinon Cragg 3 October 19401204B
O’DeaMargaretClancyCragg 16 September 19651204B
O’DeaThomas Knockalough 29 December 199179yrs1691D
ODonnellReneBrennanTullycrine 23 February 199486yrs122A
O’DonnellOwen Tullycrine 2 July 188477yrs685A
O’DonnellThos Derrycrossane 6 January 193247yrs1242B
O’DonnellTheresa Derrycrossane 3 April 19551242B
O’DonnellSusan Derrycrossane 31 March 19741242B
O’DonnellAnnieNugentDerrycrossane 22 January 20001242B
O’DonnellMichael Derrycrossane 8 December 19941242B
O’DonnellJames Lack 2 June 188884yrs  
O’DonnellWilliam(Esq) Derrycrossane 5 June 187854yrs1562C
O’DonnellWilliam Tullycrine 3 January 190850yrs1562C
O’DonnellArthur Tullycrine 25 August 191165yrs1562C
O’DonnellSimon Tullycrine 1 September 192773yrs1562C
O’DonnellMaryMcDermott  20 June 193878yrs1562C
O’DonnellWilliam Tullycrine 12 April 19431562C
O’DonnellJack Tullycrine 14 May 19531562C
O’DonnellJames Tullycrine 15 February 19581562C
O’DonnellSimon Tullycrine 10 May 19631562C
O’DonnellFrank Tullycrine 29 March 19771562C
O’DonnellAlice Tullycrine 5 August 198996yrs1562C
O’DonnellRichard Tullycrine 20 December 198688yrs1711D
O’DonnellElizabethO GormanTullycrine 14 June 200789yrs1711D
O’DonnellPeg   23 May 201593yrs1251C
O’DonoghueGilbert Derrycresane 3 July 195512A
O’DonohoeMary Derrycresane 6 June 194812A
O’DonoghuePat CastleparkThos March 188665A
O’DonoghueSusan Castlepark 22 February 192165A
O’DonoghueMary Castlepark 4 September 192165A
O’DonoghueNora Derrycrisane 31 May 192624yrs815A
O’DonoghueStephen Derrycrisane 18 August 195758yrs15A
O’DonohueLenaMurphyLack West 25 July 195039yrs291A
O’DonohueMichael Lack West 28 October 199289yrs291A
O DonoghueMichael castlepark 16 February 195672yrs61A
O’DonoghuePatrick Crossmore 26 December 1936722B
O’DonoghueMary Crossmore 22 March 1942722B
O’DonoghueThomas Crossmore 29 September 1961722B
O’FlanaganMary AnneClancyBallyeara Kilrush 25 May 197390Yrs1332C
O’FlanaganJane Anne Ballyeara Kilrush   20161332C
O’FlanaganMartin Ballyeara Kilrush   1332C
O’GormanJoe   17 August 200380yrs202A
O’GormanMichael  wife & family20 April 195288yrs363A
O’GormanMinnie Cahircanivan   363A
O’GormanBridget Cahircanivan   363A
O’GormanTeresa Cahircanivan   363A
O’GormanJoseph Cahircanivan   363A
O’GormanJohn Cahircanivan   363A
O’GormanPatrick Cahircanivan   363A
O’GormanFrancis Cahircanivan   363A
O’GormanIta Cahircanivan 10 December 2013104yrs363A
O’GormanFrancis MullaghJohn7 December 189224yrs894A
O’GormanThomas KilmihilTim&James3 July 182744yrs635A
O’GormanJames Kilmihil 30 April 194872yrs635A
O’GormanEllen Kilmihil 2 May 197381yrs635A
O’GormanEileen Kilmihil 18 August 200079yrs635A
O’GormanJohn Greygrove 9 February 1955572B
O’GormanAgnes Greygrove 16 November 1993572B
O’GormanEllen Kiltumper   18971294B
O’GormanJohn Kiltumper   19341294B
O’GormanJohn Francis Kiltumper 31 January 19492 1/2 yrs 1294B
O’GormanNora Kiltumper 11 July 19551294B
O’GormanMary Ellen Kiltumper 29 June 19701294B
O’GormanP.J. Kiltumper 7 November 19781294B
O’GormanPatrick Kiltumper 10 July 20011294B
O’GormanMary Kiltumper 3 March 20111294B
O’GormanMargaret GreygrovePatrick2 July 191766yrs1592C
O’GormanPatrick Greygrove  March 192880yrs1592C
O’GormanMichael Greygrove 3 February 196578yrs1592C
O’GormanEmilySullivanGreygrove 13 March 198381yrs1592C
O’GormanPatrick Greygrove 2 September 199774yrs1592C
O’GormanMichael Greygrove 24 November 199966yrs1592C
O’GormanCyril Greygrove   5 mths1592C
O’GormanEmily (kitty) Greygrove 3 February 201075yrs1592C
O’GradyMichael AhagaThomas16 November 183146yrs245A
O’GradyMary E Ahaga 28 July 196679yrs315A
O’GradyThomas Shyan Lower 1 January 188070yrs1032B
O’GradyMary Teresa Shyan Lower 20 July 19313 mths1032B
O’GradyEllen Shyan Lower 8 July 198586yrs1032B
O’GradyThomas Shyan Lower 31 May 199194yrs1032B
O’GradyMichael Shyan Lower 23 October 201479yrs1032B
O’GradyDennis  Ml.McMahon August 1954697B
O’GradyPatrick    February 1969697B
O’GradySarah Cahircanivan 20 September 19661391C
O’GradyPatrick Cahircanivan 20 August 19681391C
O’GradyLaurence Cahircanivan 18 February 199777yrs1391C
O’GradyTommy Cahircanivan 16 October 197752yrs1391C
O’HalloranNora Cahircanivan 10 February 198377yrs111A
O’HalloranP.J. Ballydineen 3 September 198541yrs111A
O’HalloranJohn Ballydineen 8 September 199589yrs111A
O’HalloranPatrick Ballydineen 17 March 192051A
O’HalloranMichael Boston 21 July 198151A
O’HalloranNora Ballydineen 5 December 197699yrs51A
O’HalloranDan Ballydineen 7 December 199780yrs51A
O’HalloranHelenDownes  10 November 199768yrs51A
O’HalloranDellaRyanCorgrigg 20 October 196554yrs974A
O HalloranJim Corgrigg 17 June 200894 Yrs974A
O’HalloranMichael Glenmore 3 September 1994794A
O’HalloranEileen Glenmore 7 May 1997Baby794A
O’HalloranAnnieEganGlenmore 12 February 2006794A
O’HalloranMichael GlenmoreMargaret27 May 191875yrs1554B
O’HalloranMichael Glenmore  January 19311554B
O’HalloranMary Glenmore  November 19711554B
O’HalloranJohn Glenmore 30 August 19891554B
O’HalloranCatherine Glenmore   Infant1554B
O’HalloranMargaret Glenmore   Infant1554B
O’HogainSeamus Lacain   19111173C
O’HogainBain Ceile Lacain   19141173C
O’KeefeMichael Kilmihil 17 November 19591033C
O’KeefeEllenFalseyKilmihil 3 January 19701033C
O’KeefeThomas Kilmihil 9 April 19821033C
O’KeeffeThomas Kilmihil 7 January 188662yrs993C
O’KeeffeBridgetRyanLacken 10 June 189963yrs993C
O’KeeffeMartin Lacken 27 December 193771yrs993C
O’KeeffeCatherine Lacken 15 August 1944303C
O’KellyMichael Cragg  May 18821105B
O’KellyDelia Cragg  May 19111105B
O’LearyMichael Lacken 5 January 1962301A
LearyJohn Lack West 31 October 1950301A
O’LearyPatrick Lack West 5 June 193966yrs283A
O’LearyAnnie Clonigulane 25 September 195973yrs283A
O’LearyMaryRocheClonigulane 6 January 199675yrs283A
O’LearyMichael Clonigulane 18 June 199382yrs283A
O’LearyFrancis Clonigulane 19 May 195121yrs83A
O’LearyMichael Cahircanivan 9 February 197488yrs83A
O’LearyEllenMcGuaneCahircanivan 3 May 197484yrs83A
O’LearyPaddy Cahircanivan 5 March 198583A
O’LearyJohn Cahircanivan 25 March 199883A
O’LearyTom Cahircanivan 6 January 199983A
O’LearyFrances  Bdg.nSullivn24 January 184860yrs584A
O’LearyMary Cahercanivan   1917464A
O’LearyJohn Cahircanivan   1917464A
O’LearyMaryCosgraveCahircanivan 11 April 196983yrs464A
O’LearyMl J Cahircanivan 21 November 197490yrs464A
O’LearyAgnes Cahircanivan 11 June 200071yrs464A
O’LearyJohn Crossbeg 15 December 195871yrs1001B
O’LearyMary Crossbeg 27 March 198692yrs1001B
O’LearyEdmond FrureAndrew19 April 187877yrs412B
O’LearyMary B Kilmihil 21 September 198659yrs402B
O’LearyJohn Kilmihil 26 March 198865yrs402B
O’LearyMaryRyanShyanJames23 November 187374yrs583B
O’LearyJames Shyan   1877533B
O’LearyPatrick Ahayah 29 September 192961yrs443B
O’LearyMary Anne Ahayah 3 April 193262yrs443B
O’LearyPatrick Ahayah 22 June 1955443B
O’LearyThomas Ahayah 5 October 1971443B
O’LearyMargaretMurphyAhayah 11 October 1997443B
O’LearyMaryMelicanCahercanivanLawrence7 January 183950yrs1714B
O’LearyMichael Cahircanivan 10 September 199574yrs1634B
O’LearyMaryO Brien  31 March 200370yrs1634B
O’LearyBridget Cahercanivan  March 18981534B
O’LearyThomas P.  Cahircanivan 26 June 19981534B
O’LearyMary Teresa Knockmore 18 May 19891734B
O’LearyPatrick Knockmore 15 October 199880yrs1734B
O’LearyNoel KnockmoreMl&Ann O’Leary8 June 199978yrs1694B
O’LearyBridget Cahercanivan   1534B
O’LearyMichael Cahircanivan   1534B
O’LearyBridgetQuinnCahircanivan   1714B
O’LearyJohn Cahercanivan 11 January 184056yrs1714B
O’LearyTeresa CareyMoroneyKilmihil 25 September 199575yrs1043C
O’LearyFrancis(Francie) Kilmihil 25 November 201087Yrs1043C
O LearyNoel Knockmore 8 June 199978yrs1694B
O’Murchu  Kilmihil   1771D
O’Murchu      941D
O’NeillJohn Kinlea 17 February 188282yrs944A
O’NeillJaneMcNamaraKinlea   944A
O’NeillMargaretKeaneKinlea 7 December 200587yrs754A
O’NeillKevin Kilmihil 24 January 201193 yrs754A
O’NeillMaryMurphyKilmihilPk.Murphy24 March 189434yrs1002B
O’NeillMaryLernihanCahircanivan 27 October 19621131C
O’NeillBrian J. Kilmihil 17 February 197119yrs1131C
O’ReillyMargaretMcNamaraKilmihil 24 March 1974B 1442C
O’ReillyEdward   6 March 1975B 1442C
O’SheaMichael Lack West 16 May 195182yrs481A
O’SheaBridget Lack West 3 January 196698yrs481A
O’SheaMatt Lack West 27 January 1973982B
O’SheaMichael Lack West   982B
O’SheaBridget Lack West   982B
O’SheaTom Lack West   982B
O’SheaMary Lack West   982B
O’SheaStatia Lack West   982B
O’SheaMary Lack West 27 May 19671621D
O’SheaJohn(Jackie) Lack East 20 December 19901621D
O’SheaPatk Lack East 31 July 19761083C
O’SheaAnnieKingKnockalough 13 January 19791083C
O’SheaJohn Knockalough  February 19861083C
O’SheaMaryKennedyKnockalough 27 December 199749Yrs1083C
O’SheaVincent Knockalough 20 December 201065Yrs1083C
O’SheaJohn(Jackie) Lack East 20 December 19901621D
O’SheaMary Lack East 27 May 19671621D
O’SheaJohn(Jackie) Lack East 20 December 1990161D
O’SullivanSusan Kiltumper 14 January 194153yrs162A
O’SullivanJos Kiltumper 29 February 1944162A
O’SullivanThos Shyan 3 January 194635yrs262A
O’SullivanTeresa Shyan 12 May 1947262A
O’SullivanMaria Shyan 26 January 196079yrs262A
O’SullivanGeorge Shyan 24 July 196590yrs262A
O’SullivanConnor Greygrove 24 May 192984yrs554A
O’SullivanJohn Greygrove 8 December 193191yrs554A
O’SullivanBrigid Greygrove 6 May 193681yrs554A
O’SullivanEllen Greygrove 18 August 194950yrs554A
O’SullivanAnastasiaLernihanGreygrove 24 March 1982135A
O’SullivanKittyCallanan  13 August 195438yrs861B
O’SullivanGeorge(Sonny) Clonreddon 15 November 1980861B
O’SullivanJames J Knockalough 11 January 197088yrs803B
O’SullivanMary AliceO’BrienKnockalough 22 January 199188yrs803B
O’SullivanGeorge Thos   20 August 19681451C
O’SullivanMargaret   18 April 19711451C
O’SullivanJoe   11 August 19198yrs1552C
O’SullivanJohn Lissycasey 4 April 192919yrs1552C
O’SullivanNora Lissycasey 4 May 193962yrs1552C
O’SullivanPat Lissycasey 24 July 195277yrs1552C
O’SullivanMichael Shyan 31 August 199182yrs1761D
O’SullivanBernard Shyan 31 August 200685yrs1761D
O’SullivanCathrineMcGrathShyanGeorge8 December 192357yrs219
O’SullivanGeorge    November 1930219
O’SullivanAnneBoland  15 March 1946219
O’SullivanTeresa   23 March 1960219
O’SullivanPatrick D   17 July 1963219
O’SullivanEdward   26 February 1966219
O’SullivanThomas ShyanMary18 May 192571yrs119
O’SullivanCatherine Shyan 22 February 197166yrs119
O’SullivanThomas Shyan 3 August 198987yrs119
O’SullivanBridget Shyan 5 May 1930109
O’SullivanThomas ShyanBridget28 April 192768yrs109
O’SullivanJoseph Shyan 13 December 198477yrs109
O’SullivanJohn Thomas Shyan 11 February 199485yrs109
O’SullivanMargaret Shyan 23 December 199593yrs109