Killaloe Diocese – Church Synod 2022

To inspire people…
‘to dream about the Church we
are called to be,
to make hopes flourish,
to stimulate trust,
to bind up wounds,
to weave new
and deeper relationships,
to learn from one another,
to build bridges,
to enlighten minds,
warm hearts
and restore strength
to our hands
for our common mission.’

We are asked to consider what changes we need to make to become more inclusive, more participative and more engaged with the world around us.

Pope Francis has asked us to
focus our reflection on three
areas of our life as Church: Communion, Participation and Mission.

How can I participate?
Parishes and Pastoral Areas all over the diocese will be holding many forms of Synodal conversations during March 2022.

Details of your local parish or pastoral area conversations will be available on Parish Newsletters and Social Media platforms. You are invited to take part in these conversations, to share your views and to listen to others.

Taking part

Please find below the link to the online survey for the Synodal pathway. It is an opportunity for everyone to be part of the Synodal pathway from the comfort of your own home. There is also a link to the brochure that was recently distributed after Mass.

The Online Survey

Online Copy of The Synodal Pathway Leaflet