A special message from Fr Peter

Hello girls & boys from First Holy Communion Class. We remember you this weekend it was to be your First Holy Communion weekend. We will pray for you, your families and teachers at our 11am weekend Mass on Sunday. Also included is a little reflection especially for your parents. It is great to be in contact with all of you this weekend. Be safe.

The girls and boys are: Dean McMahon, Adam O’Connell, Jamie Tubridy, Dillon Greene, James Lineen, Thomas Carey, Flan Donovan, Oisín Normoyle, Sean Lillis, Chloe O’Gorman, Robyn Carmody, Emma Lernihan, Aaron Duggan, Rory McNamara.

Reflection For Parents

‘Why is it, Lord,

Why is it Lord,
That parents see puddles and think wellies
And our children see magic mirrors
Waiting for a pebble-plop
To ripple into smiles?

Why is it, Lord,
That parents see snow and think gloves
And our children see sleds and slides
And the tingle of snowflake’s farewell kiss
Upon the palm?

Why is it, Lord,
That parents see toys and think tidy
And our children see the endless possibilities
For fantasy and play?

Why is it that when we were growing up
We somehow grew away?
Away from all the joy and wonder
In the everyday?
From carefree to careful
From outgoing to anxious
From confident to concerned?
And unless we regain our vision of God
In the here and now
How shall we ever know Him then?

Help us to be humble
To be led by our children
Into the small joys and special moments
Where miracles abound.
So that hand in hand
We may enter with them
The Kingdom of Heaven.