A Message from Fr Peter

At this time many of us are missing our little visits to the Church to say a prayer and maybe light a candle. But as I said in a little message after churches were closed, we can talk to God in prayer from anywhere whether at home, out in the fields or wherever.

This lockdown may help us to realise that the real living of the gospel is in the way we interact with each other and look out for each other and mind each other. The following is a little reflection to remind us that God is around us always.

Be open to this mysterious and obscure sense of presence.
God is there: in the mountains and the ocean,
in the flower and the birds, in the trees and the fields.
Walk through green fields or the brown bog,
walk beside the ocean, listening to every sound,
aware of the beauty and, above all,
conscious of the enveloping presence
that hovers over everything.
This can be exhilarating prayer.
For God is wonderfully present in all things,
working in all things, giving himself to us in all things.
We cannot see him or touch him;
but we can sometimes sense his presence: his healing presence.
When your mind and heart are troubled,
walk and look at nature.
Feel the air and the rain washing your body and cleansing your spirit.
Eat and drink copiously
from the energising, liberating, healing, life-giving table of life.
William Johnston SJ, Being In Love

Over the next few Sundays at our 11am Mass live on Facebook, those whose recent anniversaries and Months Mind Masses were missed out on since the church closed will be remembered.

Stay safe.

Fr Peter